Help with my adventure in UE4

Good afternoon, I’ve just joined the world of creating games in UE4, I have a meta and need your help and your patience.
I want to do a game like worms (yes, an other one), with blueprints the game in fact is easy, but I realise that implmenting the area destruction like that game is out of my posibilities now.
I’ve researched in forums and found quadtrees is the solution, but I have no idea on how to implement that. C++ is not new for me but I don’t know how to relationate that enviroment to the programing part, so, do you have any tutorial to learn how to start with ?. In this forum I’ve found some topics with this thread but all with started content.

. I have to implement quadtree on a procedural mesh?
. In 4.8 there is an other way to do this kind of destruction?
. If I have to do it with a procedural mesh, any tutorial or clue about how to start?

Thanks for your attention.