Help with mips please!

First I’ll apologies i’m sure this is a total noob question,
but i’m brand new to ue4. First modern game engine experience.

I’ve got a scene built and just want to output it to show off my environment art skills in a game engine.
it’s a dungeon.

problem is that a lot of the textures are VERY noisy. or should I say I get swimming/flickering or probably a moire effect of some sort.

I’ve tried switching the mipvaluemode to miplevel and mipbias
neither have any effect
what i’ve noticed is that when I open the texture itself (not just the node but the texture file)
in the level of detail section, there is a
mip gen settings: (no mipmaps)

and I cannot change it to a different setting. It has all these options but it just bounces back to no every time.