Help with Material

Hi guys i’m trying to do a material / Texture like close to this photo…
and i know this is a render photo :smiley:


It seems to me that is the normal map texture and a simple color, but so far I do not get close to it

any tips?

There are multiple materials in both scenes. What material you mean? At Skin and cloth there are lot of subsurface scattering. Also you need awful lot of polygons to get similar round shapes with such nice silhuets. Also you need really good global illumination.

You are right, that there is only the texture. Glare and lighting, almost completely painted on the diffuse texture.
On the main shader, I believe that you need to look in the direction of “team fortress”. Team Fortress shading in udk
I hope I have understood you correctly…

Yes like Team Fortress i’ll test this shadding thx for the tip