Help with lighting difference when toggling f8 or loading vs streaming level

I am level streaming with a persistent level that streams the main menu and then streams the play level after hitting play on the menu. The main menu is unstreamed and the play level has a background level that is streamed in as well as the level.

This is what the scene is supposed to look like. And it does look like this if the level is loaded and not streamed OR if the level is streamed but the player is not possessed (f8)

This is what the scene looks like when level streaming and player the character.

This is a small segment of the menu scene of what it looks like when the main menu is streamed in the first time (or loaded by itself)
And here is the same segment when the I return to the main menu after playing the previous streamed level.

If I play the from the play level in editor. Then stop playing. Open the persistent level and play from there, the first time I play, the blob is gone. If I return to the menu, the menu is now broken and if I then hit play again, the play level is now broken. If I stop playing and then play again from persistent level, the blob is back and will continue in every play after until I do the whole loop again.

This look like a post effect but I only have min/max brightness with the post effects. It looks like ambient occlusion but if I view distance field ambient occlusion, that big black blob is not present. I’ve tried rebaking the lighting, replacing the skylight with a fresh one, disabling direct light, removing post processing object, but I have not figured out what is happening.

I’m making a build rn to see if the problem persists there, but that will take a long while. So until then…

Edit: it’s broken in the build