Help with Lighting Dark Scenes

Probably a Noob question, but I need to ask-

Every time I reduce lighting in the scene (turn lights off, lower light power) it seems like the overall light then, over the next couple of seconds, raises back up, almost to the point where it is then comparatively brighter. Almost like, to darken a scene, I have to add lights (:confused:). But I can’t manage to have a steady lighting situation that can go almost completely dark.
I have a Post Process Volume in the scene, not sure if that causes it somehow. And, seems to occur in Editor and in Play mode.

2 things:
(1) What may be causing the ‘always-on’ lighting phenomenon, where some ‘force’ raises the lighting back up when lights are turned off,
(2) Is it possible to have a totally dark scene, with only minimal dim lighting, without some ‘force’ raising it back up.

Thanks so much!


It is Post Process Auto Exposure… If you set both number (min/max) the same: you won’t have exposure changing!

Wow, thank you!!!
Appreciate it,
Regards :cool: