Help with "Lerp Between Vectors" in Niagara

Hey all, I’m here to ask your help as I’m trying to lerp between 3 static meshes without success.

These are my Niagara particles setup

I’m currently using Lerp Between Vectors, this is my script to obtain the particles positions based on the above meshes

These are the actual results

When Alfa is 0, the first mesh is correctly displayed

When Alfa is 0.5 the second mesh is correctly displayed

When Alfa is 1, a single dot is shown instead of the third mesh (Sphericon_5) at 0,0,0 position in the world map

Sorry if the explanation is not clear, I hope somebody can help me!

Thank you!

I have similar problem too :cry:
I’m trying ContentExample > Niagara Level > 3.1 Static mesh sampling but almost same result.
I also need help :pensive:

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