Help with importing a blender built building and adding textures

I’ve built a medieval house in blender to import to unity in a fbx format for use in Unreal. I have two problems. One, that the back of the building doesn’t show when I’ve imported it, even though it’s there, but the main problem is adding textures. I’m very new to creating levels, more so with custom content. For some reason, Unreal is only letting me add two textures to the building (i’ll add a pic with colours to emphasise this), and only in certain areas. But there are places to which I want to paint differently to what it’s allowing.
Any thoughts on how I can change it so I can paint where I wish?

“I’ve built a medieval house in blender to import to unity in a fbx format for use in Unreal.”

Why import to Unity before Unreal?


When faces don’t show up it’s usually due to flipped normals/faces.
Unreal lets you add as many materials as YOU set it in your 3d app (blender in your case) to your mesh…

Why the hell would you put unity in the middle? Also, Paint=Vertex paint. Use the different vertex colors as mask or just bake it out in blender or in editor like most people. Also, the cap is not 2 but 16. Some are taken up based on shader model and if you turn on forward render. Shared samplers do not take a slot, theres no reason not to use them besides panning textures.

Sorry, it is a typo, I’ve come from Unity to Unreal, and sometimes still say that instead of unreal haha

Thanks, I’ve been able to do it, finally. The unity was a mistake, I’ve come from unity originally, and ocassionally still say that!