Help With Hexagon Outline material please

So I am not that experienced with making materials. I have a hexagon Plain that i want the edges outline.

My thought process was to clamp the texture so it doesn’t tile and simply add colors to the texture. this works find when previewing on a square plane. but when I add the material to a hexagon shaped plane instead of a square it doesn’t render at all.

So if anyone who reads this who could be so kind to help me outline this hexagon plane that would be much appreciated!

Can you give a bit more info? Can you put any material on the hex plane?

Can you show your current mat?

Here is the texture

here it works on a plane

Here is the material. I am probably way off but i just want the the edges to be able to glow and possibly be able to edge the size of the thickness of the edge as well

Yes i can add other materials to the hexagon just well just this one doesn’t fit

It really depends how you mapped your UVs. I only mapped the top face of the hex, and still had to write a material like this to get it centered: