Help with ground lighting issue.

I am confused as to what is causing this ground material to look so bright even though I have it set to night time in the world setting params.
Do I have to tweak anything with the material itself? Or am I missing a setting somewhere.
Essentially I would like the ground to look much, much darker as opposed to looking so bright.

I would post the picture directly into this thread, but I keep getting a database error. My apologies.


Is this also happening when you play the level?
Do you probably have a sky light in your level?
And have you probably connected your texture with the emissive link in the material editor?

btw, I will move this into the rendering section of the forum, so that it is in the right place :wink:

I’m not 100% sure how to edit or change the value of emissive color. The blueprints system is very new to me and quite confusing, sadly. Also, it’s noted that there is nothing linked to emissive color so no glow should be happening.

So for example. If you look at the bottom picture, you will that the terrain is indeed FAR too bright considering it’s suppose to be night time. How can I accomplish getting this terrain to appear much darker?



Just add a directionay light to your level with a brightness of 0, then everything should be dark -> but that will just work when the answer to that question:

"Is this also happening when you play the level? "

is no ^^

I’ve added a directional light. I found no settings for brightness, but I did find ‘intensity’ in which I set to 0. The terrain is still bright and yes this is happening in game.
Any further ideas?

I think I found the perpetrator. I need an ambient occlusion texture attatched to the material in order for it to appear darker.!

EDIT: No, that did not work…AO is not the problem here.

ooo, I think I have the solution here :smiley: The exact same thing was happening to me but I read in another thread that going into the World Settings and change the Environment Color to something darker or Environment Intensity to something lower fixes it.

I’ve got the exact same issue and so far I haven’t found a fix and have tried a hell of a lot of things. I also tried world properties and nothing happened or changed. I am trying to achieve a night time scene also and no matter what setting I put it as, the actual build will not reflect ANY of my lighting settings with a directional light. I’ve posted a question on the Answer Hub and hopefully we can find the cause of this frustrating issue!


Hi all, I am struggling with a similar issue for a while, I still couldnt figure out why my floor texture is this much bright,
Your assistance will be very much appreciated