Help with Graphics / visuals!

Hi all

I’m trying to get some really good graphics for my horror game and I keep on setting the lighting to medium, then building the lighting but no change happens.

I looked at the log and it said that a lot of my light bulbs were stopping the visuals to build.

Anybody know what to do?


-could you post the exact error/warnings that you get
-you could also use dynamics lights so that you dont have to build them -> just set them to “moveable” :slight_smile:

seems to me you have all your lights set to ‘stationary’. this wont work if all your lights are too close together, as you can only have 4 stationary lights overlaping each other at a time, due to the way the lightmaps are baked in to each of the 4 channels in a lightmap texture.
try setting your ambient lights to static, using a lightmass importance volume for dynamic stading through them, having only a few stationary lights for important light fixtures, and having one or two movable lights on smaller objects visible at a time.

Run through the documentation on lighting to better understand these errors, particularly overlapping stationary lights. Focus on the following sections: Essentials, Precomputed Lighting, and to a lesser extent Dynamic Lighting.

You’ll want to adjust light attenuation radii, switch some lights to static, or turn off shadow casting for certain point lights to get a satisfactory light setup. There is also a useful view mode for identifying areas with a lot of light overlap called StationaryLightOverlap you can switch to.