Help with getting blood on to a sword.

I am very new to texturing things, and I am having a very stubborn issue with a white line when I load everything in to UE4 (Which I am also very new to)

Notice the line between the blood and blade? Why is that a thing? How can I get rid of it? I can provide any additional details needed… But right now what I am doing is doing the base color and height in Substance painter, then going over to gimp and applying the metallic and roughness (If I try to apply the metallic and roughness in SP, the line is even more prominent…) From my understanding Decals also don’t work well, or I just don’t know how to apply them properly…

But the goal is to have 2 phases of blood on the sword depending on how many hits the blade has landed on the enemy… Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

seems like the typical texture alpha problem.
make sure you don’t use precomputed alpha on the blood texture. find a workflow where you work on the alpha channel separately from the RGB channels, and make sure to use a file format that handles the alpha channel separately (i.e. use TGA, not PNG)

I don’t understand precomputed alpha, but I am using TGA as my format… I’m basically just exporting the files from UE4, and painting directly on them in Substance painter (Since then, I’ve now turned off metallic since that is the one giving me issues, and just relying on the weapons own metallic layer from UE4), exporting the BC and normal and putting in to UE4. How would you suggest I do this?

your workflow might be fine.
can you show your texture as shown in unreal, with only the RGB channels, and then another shot with just the A channel?
and then a screenshot of your material (the part where you blend the blood) would help

I’m sorry for misunderstanding (I didn’t even know what a normal map was less than 3 weeks ago) but it sounds like I’ve been doing it all wrong (Which I am glad to discover this early!) I plug everything except the metallic/roughness in by the alpha channel.

While I’m “happy” with the Katana within my current abilities, I’d love to learn more! I decided to rely on the metallic map of the blade itself giving me this result:

(I don’t blend anything, I modify the base texture itself… That’s all I know how to do lol)
Though this may not work with all of the weapons as some are more/less metallic than others… How would I use only the RGB channels for the base color? Thought I could only have 1 plugged in? Even if you could so much as direct me to a good tutorial or something I’d be more than happy… But so far most of what I’ve watched seems to not have this issue at all…

I’m home now, so here is just the alpha, and just the rgb: