Help with Flashbang Effect

Good afternoon.

My problem is a simple one, and I might be missing something really stupid but I’m stuck with this problem.

This is a multiplayer project.
I have a PP effect on my player character and I want to activate it when a flashbang explodes near the player.
I have it all done but when the flashbang explodes near a player it affects all other players on the map.

How can I make it to only affect the players on the trigger volume?

Flashbang blueprint attached.

I think the problem with your graph is with the ‘Cast To’ node. When you use this node, you should be specific about the blueprint you are casting to. Otherwise it will be cast to all blueprints inside your level. Here is an example of how I do it, although this is more like activating a mine rather than a grenade.

Note that I chose a ‘Sphere Trace’ instead of a ‘Line Trace’.
As you can see I called the ‘Cast To’ node on hit, not on the beginning. In this way I specify the exact blueprint (the one which is hit by the sphere) out of many of all the same blueprints inside my level. The picture you see, shows the grenade blueprint.

One thing to keep in mind is to make sure the start and end location of your trace channels are not the same, otherwise it won’t trace at all. That’s why I changed the end location by a very small number (0.01).

I haven’t tested if it works or not because my blueprints are empty and its just a picture. Please leave a comment whether if it worked or not.