Help with exporting model from blender

these are the errors I get. any help is appreciated. I dont know blender, I use another 3d modeling software called Nomad Sculpt, but it has 0 animation abilities.

Those are not errors but warnings. When you are exporting from Blender in FBX format select Face under smoothing and try that way.
If your model has armature and bones set the Axis like this and uncheck “Add leaf bones”.

I did, got rid of one warning. One thing though that’s an issue is that the textures and maybe the UVs aren’t exporting. Basically anything having to do with the actual models texture, though UV might be a part of the static mesh not sure. What do I do with that?

It would be weird if UVs weren’t exported with the mesh (in blender make sure it has UVs placed in the UV editor), try creating a material in Unreal and assigning it the same textures it had.
Other thing that could be is that the mesh has reversed normals or some problems with them.

How do I get the textures from blender? Again, off of computer

Textures are stored in files on disk, so if you see a textured mesh in Blender you need to find those texture files location in disk and use them in Unreal Engine materials. In Blender select your object and find the materials tab, or go to the “Shading” workspace (top of the viewport) and you will see the texture files there.
Notice also that when you import a fbx file in UE there is a setting to create new materials from the import or not, if the checkbox is off materials will not be imported and you will have to create new ones.

I think it’s better to create new materials in Unreal and use those.
My workflow is:
-Create and assign materials in blender to see how everything looks
-Import to unreal
-Create and assign new materials in unreal