Help with Events Triggering

Hello everybody,

I’m trying to just get the basis down for events triggering certain things, so far nothing triggers. I’m new to modding with unreal and don’t know if i have to use a certain blueprint layout or something. Ive tried multiple triggers like mouse being clicked, damage taken, and tried to use obvious and easy ways to tell me if they have triggered, like killing the player and stuff. Any help would be really appreciated, thanks so much

If you are brand new to Unreal Engine in general I’d suggest studying up on some of their really wonderfully written documentation on blueprinting before attempting to blueprint anything. Just to clarify, by blueprinting in this case I mean blueprinting in new features like I believe you are mentioning, not editing pre-made blueprints of core game files.

There is certain ways things have to be done often with blueprinting. Sometimes there is multiple ways of doing something, but sometimes only one of those ways is the BEST for a certain purpose (CPU efficiency, etc). It may take a little while to start to recognize the patterns & the way things operate via blueprinting, but once you do it will start to click and make sense :smiley:

Also you may want to check out this post Drake made that shows a good example blueprint for networking in authorities for an item/actor, etc;

That may help you get a little more familiar with what I mean specifically.

Hope this helps, if you have any further questions feel free to ask away here or shoot me a PM

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I’ve done some simple things, like triggering a light and such, so I’m no expert at all, but I have noticed that the options you have for nodes to add to the graph can vary depending on what type of file is being modified. Luckily, the devs just posted an event-driven blueprint example the other day. It’s for a specific purpose, but you may find dissecting it helpful.


Haha, we both linked the same thing, great minds thing alike Q :stuck_out_tongue: