Help With Colliding Motion Controllers

I just got a Samsung Odyssey+ about a week ago, and I have started making a simple VR game in UE4. (More like a test project) The HMD is integrating fine with UE4, and the controllers are tracking properly. I looked at the VR template project and reconstructed similar hands for my project that can pick up actors. These hands are fine for simple demonstrations, but I would really like motion controllers that function like those in The Lab. The video shows how I would like the motion controllers/hands in my game to work.
The hands seem like they have a force applied to them in the direction of the controller, but I have tried that approach, and when the force is to low they just sluggishly follow the motion controllers, and when the force is too high they overshoot. I have also tried scaling the force with distance, similar to that of a gravitational or a magnetic effect where the force gets larger as it gets closer, this resulted in massive overshoots when too close to the hand, and taking too long and applying too little force when far. I have also tried scaling the force the other way where the force is low near the hand, and high far away, but this resulted in the hands glitching into walls and being pushed back out. I have also tried Continuous Collision Detection for these methods, but many of the problems still exist. All I need is some direction on how to make this work properly. I have used UE4 for nearly 2 years now, and have used both C++ and BP. This is my first forum post so if I did anything wrong please just let me know, and I’ll fix it for the future. If anyone needs any more information just ask and I can provide it. Any and all help is appreciated.