Help with character creation + items

Well, as far as i know, one of the possible ways to create equipment for your character is having the equipment to be a skeletal mesh that has the same skeleton the character has.
After this you can make the equipment have a master pose component to follow your character animation.

I’ve been doing this and it works perfectly fine(i’m pretty sure my explanation wasn’t the best but i think you can understand what i’m doing).
However, i want to add a character creation, where you move sliders to change nose, size, “bulkiness”, hair, etc…
Would morph targets be the only way of doing changes in “bulkiness”, size, and such?

But my real problem is: i have NO idea on how to make the equipment follow the character “bulkiness” and such of the character without manually applying morph targets to the equipment aswell and those matching perfectly the character morph target.

This will become quite a tedious task, and i understand that developing a game would have some “problems” like this, but i’m working on a game alone and 3d rendering is not quite my area, some advices and help here would be amazing.

Only way I know to do this is to build morphs for everything. If you give the morph the same name it will auto apply when you change it on any other part with the same name. This is from skyrim mods but can do any model if you set it up. I used this and blender to make a character customizer with blueprints a year ago. It works great but requires NIF files.