Help with casting to a a bool from a blueprint in a widget blueprint

i am trying to set this audioSceneMangement bool which is NotPlayed to false from my widget blueprint can anyone help me get this right, please? the reason this is in a widget blueprint is to prevent cheating as I have code that makes sure this value is true so the player cannot just skip the dialogue that plays when you hit the button.

Hi, you need a reference to a/the “AudioManagementScene” Object inside the widget. What are you trying to do?
What casting does is, it takes an object as input and if that object is of the type you want to cast to, then the casting will succeed, else it will fail.

Imagine you have an “car” that inherits from actor. Now for sake of simplicity you may not want to always have hard references to “car”, cause you might also have something like “bicycle”, “truck”,… that do not follow the same inheritance chain and just use interfaces to do the functionality. Then you don’t care what specific type it is and you just always use “actor”.

Now, there may be some cases were you specifically need a “car”. Then you would take the actor and cast it to “car”. And if it is of type “car” then the cast will succeed and you can access all the functionality of “car”.

i was able to fix this issue by using a different method