Help with cameras and pawn movement on clients (UE4)

Hello! I’d appreciate it if anyone is able to help me with some multiplayer issues I’m having with my C++ UE4-4.26.2 project. I am making an online board-style party game (similar to Mario Party).
Each space on the board has a camera attached and each player’s ship has a camera. The view focuses on the space of the current player, and then uses SetViewTargetWithBlend() to switch to their ship’s camera when they move. At the end of the turn it will switch to the camera of the next player’s space.

My main problem is that I’m getting jittering when switching cameras and sometimes during the pawn’s movement.
But I’m also getting issues where the ship on the client will be moving at a different speed/position than on the other computers. If this happens, it is always to the ship that the specific computer/client is in control of.

I’ve got a GitHub with the code for the board aspect of the project:

I’ve also got a video of the issues but I’m a new user and can’t post attachments.