Help with asphalt texture

Hello all, this time i need some help with an asphalt texture i wana use to create my roads, the problem is this…

Captura de pantalla 2015-01-13 13.32.38.jpg

Here, the texture i used, by the way i just right click on it and created the material.


So, if you could help me to fix this it will be a great help, thanks!.

Not really sure what you want fixing… however taking a guess:

Your texture is in a non-square ratio, which means you either need to make it square, or add a textureCoordinate node to control the tiling so that your U-tiling is in the same ratio as your texture.

For example, if your texture is 1w:2h, your tiles would need to be 0.5 U, 1.0 V.

Also, there’s a slight highlight in the middle which means it will be obvious when you tile the texture, it might be best to remake the texture from scratch in photoshop so that you can get it perfect.

thank you guys!!, problem fixed!!!, :smiley: