Help with Anti-aliasing not updating immediately on new object rotation

Hey All,

I am sending rotation information to a cube with values such as 1.0, 1.2, 1.5 etc etc and when the cube changes rotation I can see jagged edges SOMETIMES for a split second before anti-aliasing kicks in. I’m really hoping there is some way to get it to update the anti-aliasing immediately. I searched the forum and the only idea I found was to turn off motion blur, but that’s unfortunately not helping.

I have attached a video I took with my iphone of my screen so you can see the issue.

Just to be clear, the cube is not smoothly rotating. Rather it jumps from rotation to rotation based on the value changing the x and z rotation.

Any ideas would be massively appreciated.

I doubt this is relevant but just in case, I am send OSC information to unreal to change the rotation of the cube. It is a plugin on github called UE4-OSC

Also, could you please let me know if I am posting the wrong place or if there is a better sub-forum for questions and issues regarding real-time rendering : )

@Kalle_H Here’s an image of how I’m rotating the cube. Any ideas?