[Help]Windshield wipers

I’ve been trying for hours to create a windshield wiper system, but so far without success. I tried with Niagara particles and also with the unreal pattern. Both with active collisions. But the wiper palette (which also has a collider to push the “drops”) doesn’t work.
Would another order have the same effect? ​​I looked in several places and didn’t find it.
I apologize for the spelling mistakes as I am using google translator. Thanks in advance!

yea, thats not how it works. unreal engine is a game engine not a dcc app with built in simulation.
yes it can do some things with physics and maybe you can kinda simulate something remotely similar to water droplets with niagara but i doubt it will look any good.
if you are doing this for a real project i suggest faking it just like other games do it.
if you are doing this just for kicks, good luck

Did you solve it? I’m thinking about this too