Help? Version Update wiped out my scene!

Hey guys, I’m surprised no one is talking about it since there are sub comments in other posts about this exact problem that no one comes around to answering…

I’ve tried the 4 or 5 different methods to updating my version of Unreal to 4.13 to 4.14 for one of my levels. Each and every time I do this, my scene defaults to two chairs instead of the world I created before. All my camera and other global settings have been set to default as well. Does this mean updating a version means middle finger to your hard work, but well at least give you your files in the content browser, have a nice day! >:D. (Been frustrated for the past hour and a half trying to get this thing right so sorry for the venting!)

I created levels and such for the scene, whatever… but the persistence level had a lot of work in it as well but seems to be completely wiped.

Is there a fix for this? Lets start talking about it finally! lol. I’d love the help!

Hi MarkSayson,

Sorry to hear you are having problems upgrading from UE4.13 to UE4.14. Whenever you upgrade your project, which is not encouraged unless you absolutely need a fix or new feature, you want to open the Engine first, then choose to make a copy of your project in the latest version instead of overwriting it. The fact that you are seeing the two chairs level (default map) likely means that your Default engine.ini file was overwritten in your Config file. However, if you still have the persistence level available, in your Contents folder, it should not be a problem to set it as the default map to load in your Project Settings.

If you are having problems, please respond and let me know if you over-wrote the previous version of your project without making a back up and whether the persistence level resides in the Contents folder in either the Content Browser or Project folder.