Help using Materials and Textures

I imported some textures from a free pack I downloaded online and when I went to import them it gave me three copies of each texture, one diffuse, normal, and specular. No matter which variant I of each texture I drag onto my wall they all look the same. Plus they create a round sphere of the texture but now converts it to a material. Seeing as it’s my first time delving into this sort of thing, I’m not sure what I’m doing. Do I delete the other three once it has create the round material or?

Please help me! :slight_smile:

Materials and Texture.png

anyone able to assist?

The diffuse material is the basic color of the material. The normal map creates the illusion of depth, is a teqnique used in primarily games
to makes meshes look like they are more detailed than they actually are. Specular controls what specular highligts look like, “the shiniest areas where the ligt hits the object”.
You need to plug in these in the right spot on the material node.
You dont put a texture directly on a object. You apply the material to the object. Then in the material you choose wich
textures it should use. Just plugging in the diffuse will give the object color ie the image appears on the object. Then you can choose if you want to use a nomal map for illusion of depth and specular for more realistic lighting of it. The object needs to be
UV mapped tho for the textures to be placed on it properly. UV coorinates are are point on a 2d plane that correspond with the objects verticees wich are point in 3d space. Ive never uv mapped a object in UE4 and dont know how, maybe someone else can tell you how. I do it in Maya. Do you have a 3D modeling program like Maya, Max or blender? Im not sure how much you know about 3D graphics based on your question, fell free to ask more questions if u need more help.

Textures and materials are different things, you cannot apply a texture to a object without first creating a material for it. The textures need to be there for the material to reference, but you probably should make a separate folder for materials and textures.