Help understanding why Static and/or Stationary Point Lights disappear after GPU Lightmass bake

Hello. First time poster, long time reader.

Running into what feels like an issue where Point Lights will disappear after doing a GPU Lightmass bake. They still cast a beam/light surroundings. But the bright source of the point goes away.

  • Build a simple ArchVis interior scene with one or more Point Lights
  • Make these lights Static or Stationary (can reproduce with either or)
  • Note in preview that the source ‘bulb’ of the Point Lights are visible… Their cast light AND their source (Not talking about the UE icon for the point light (bulb). Talking about the bright source.)
  • Do a GPU Lightmass > Build Lighting.

In final output, the bright source for the point lights may or may not have disappeared. They still cast light, but their source is gone. If not gone at first, try moving the viewport around. In all cases, NOW they’ll turn off.


  • Repeating these same steps using a CPU bake (Build > Build Lighting) does NOT cause the Point Lights to disappear.

Any Ideas?

Thanks in advance…

UE 4.26.2 / nVidia GeForce RTX 2080 Super 8gb

Hi.I meet this issue too.Did you solve it?

Nope! This was a year ago. Had this post received attention back then, perhaps troubleshooting could have been applied. But for someone active within the UE ecosystem, a year is a lifetime. No clue which .uproject this was occurring in. Dollars to donuts were i to take a swing at it now, i’d be able to elaborate on root cause + solution.
Still though, thanks for pinging in. Are you having same issue?