Help! TOUGH matinee question

Hey everybody!!!

We have one vehicle and multiple characters inside of it doing multiple matinee sequences we’d like to capture in cinematic mode and then put into our game.

The problem is, it won’t capture specific matinee sequences without every single one of the players in the same position and all 10 matinee sequences playing. Even when I add visibility tracks and turn things off, delete the other 10 matinees, and then even delete every other skeletal mesh, they still all show up when trying to capture in movie mode.

I’ve tried Hide Actor In Game and it doesn’t work, tried everything possible with visibility tracks, and tried hiding all the other skeleton meshes but they still play. I have 10 matinees total, one for each character with one master vehicle they all use, and them are all around the same position.

Is this glitch in the matinee editor? I can’t even delete everything but what I want to capture without the previous characters showing.

And yes I have play matinee on level start checked, and play - matinee actor, and the specific matinee in the blueprint.

Any help will be much appreciated!!!

otherwise we won’t be able to use cinematics or cutscenes in our game.

In anyone can help with this i’ll be forever grateful!!


We figured it out ourselves. Had to use Blueprints to toggle them off, but it worked.

Ah sorry guys, nevermind,

we tried to toggle visibility via blueprints and it worked in matinee, but when capturing with movie, it only plays one matinee, not the other 9.