Help to find the recorded screenshot using the panoramic capture

Greeting and sorry again I have an other request. I installed the plugin panoramic capture and I found a way to get the blueprint. bp_capture and I put it on the scene. The problem being, I can’t find the captured screenshot if there is a screenshot captured. I don’t know if I do anything wrong or there is something I don,t get. I am using unreal 4.24.


Try looking in the Saved folder in your project dir… I think it plops stuff in a folder within that.

The screenshot is not supposed to save here, there is a console command telling the location of the file and in a matter of fact I tried to install unreal 4.23 just to test and it work with unreal 4.23 by using the same method

Saved\ is usually the default for screenshots…
Is this the path setting you’re after (at the bottom?) It’s from the Camera_Rec_360 actor I have setup in a level.

I am sorry this is not howe the plugin work at all, the location is decided via the console command: SP.OutputDir D:/PanoramicCaptureFrames
anyhow its not in the saved folder either

I must be using a different plugin… Sorry for the confusion and good luck.

what plugin are you using?

I wasn’t sure tbh. When I checked it was this one… Camera 360 in Blueprints - UE Marketplace
I had no idea it cost so much.

Hit play then invoke the command line using the tilde key on your keyboard and manually specify the file path using Sp.Outputdir “your file path”. I don’t know why the Blueprint doesn’t work as per their online documentation but the above will resolve the issue. Look in the output log screen to monitor what’s going wrong this is how I discovered that the file path was not set. It takes about a minute to process so wait a while.