help to beginner for lighting?

Imgur: The magic of the Internet hi everyone . im trying to make my very first scene create project . i referenced this picture for my project . everything goings great i added so much new thigs to be more creative but after finish all i want to make light like this one .when i try to make it i just made it awful . any tutorial for lighting for kind of this project ?
shortly i want to make light like this ; not dark not much bright but i can see every detail .when i try make simular to this its going too bright or full shadows


I don’t see directional light in this scene so you should go without too: just a skyligh with an HDRI maybe…
You can control your brightness with the intensity of this light + postprocess (like exposure)!

i will try it.Thanks for reply .Appreciated :slight_smile:

There used to be really cool tutorials (like lighting academy) but I haven’t seen any since the multi bounce skylight 4.18 sry…