Help!!!! Spline Problem!

Hi There,

I’ve put together a BP for a spline that is supposed to direct the player around a maze:


Now for some reason there are white handles that I assume are the spline, these can be extended but the mesh that I’ve assigned to the spline isn’t rendered accordingly or at all even!

The white and red handles seem to be completely separated and independent, it looks a bit of a mess!


Can any one please help, As I really need to get this fixed ASAP and am tearing hair out!

Thanks in advance,


In the components list inside the blueprint, click on Spline1 and look at its transforms. Is its location at 0,0,0? If not, make it 0,0,0.

I replicated your construction script and noticed that you can click on the spline and drag it, and the spline mesh will not update its position. Which makes sense, it’s just not desired.

You’re also attaching this spline mesh to some scene component. Make sure it is also at 0,0,0.

You shouldn’t be parenting things to top scene anymore.

Your spline component should be directly below the actor (replacing the default scenecomponent). Also you’re missing SetStaticMesh after creating the spline component, that’s why the mesh isn’t getting rendered.

Try this tutorial: Unreal Engine 4 Road Tool in Blueprints with Spline and SplineMesh - Part 4 Road Tool - YouTube

The end result of the tutorial, can, of course, be improved further (i.e. not stretching the mesh, ensuring always working tangents etc.)

Thank you both guys, I’ll give your suggestions a try tomorrow, your help is very much appreciated especially because of a deadline looming for my project!