help. spawning missile fire particles kill frame rate though they are destroyed

screen shot of what it looks like is enclosed below to help explain. the platform the character is on moves back and fourth. mid path there is a trigger box that causes the missiles to spawn wit the blue flame attached. i did mod a fire particle system from the content examples. changed the color and loops and life span to get what you see in the screen shot. after 2 secs the missiles auto destroy if they don’t collide with the character or the . i have a delay in between each of the missiles so with the life span of 2 secs i never have more than 4 at a time on screen.

the bug a boo with it is if i stay on the platform and let it go back and fourth re-spawning the missiles my frame rate takes a dive like i cranked up the metro benchmarking on ultra. it goes back to full speed again after about 15 secs or so after i get away from the trigger box.

just for the eye candy i have all my bullets explode on impact with one of the explosion particle systems that come with the engine. i can fire off those all day and no frame rate drop.

Go into particle editor and see how many particles you spawn per one smoke emitter.
That tiny puff should not use more than 10-20 sprites per instance.

PS. For testing first remove those particle emmiters from missiles see if fps improves.

okay i will look into that and report if i have success or more issues. it is a steady decline. the frame rate tapers off over time getting lower and lower the more i let the missiles spawn with the fire attached. it does only happen after i add the fire trail. i had the missiles spawning for a couple days prior and i let it continuously spawn with zero issues. i even rotated the camera 180 degrees to see whats happening on the other side to verify that everything is auto destroying and disappearing. it works as it should

i found a fix for this and problem solved. i decided to just try spawning a different fire particle than the one i had modded to see if maybe i had done something dumb and same result dragging my frame rate down. i took the particle effect and made a blueprint off of that. changed the initial lifespan to a low number (using .3 secs right now), and instead of using spawn emitter at location, i’m using spawn actor location with the blueprint class attached. it actually looks better this way and more like the missile is being propelled. not sure if should have approached it that way to start off or if my way of doing it is hacky but it works.