HELP! Simple Multiplayer Set Material

Hello, i’m trying to toggle change a Cube back and forth into a different material and back to normal from the Client-side and have it shown to all client that the material has changed through Server Communication.

See Picture Below for the Blueprint Coded to do as said above.

When the Client Press E for the first time, it ask the Server to Execute Flip Flop A to Get Actor Of Class; Cube; which then execute the Variable Cube Rep Notify Green to all client that the said Cube has changed material to green.

See Picture Below for the Cube Rep Notify Green Variable Function’s Code.

When Client Press E on the second time, it asks the server to execute Flip Flop B; which in short, change the material back to normal.

See Picture below for the Cube Rep Notify Normal Variable Function’s Code.

Now, when the First and Second time E is pressed; it works fine. All Client and Server alike can see the Cube’s Material changed and displayed correctly.

However… when E is pressed on the for Third time, the Material Fails to display the correct material to all client except for the server but Successfully Display the correct Print String.

This is where I get stumped. I have tried Multicast, Flip Flop after E Input, etc… and I can’t think of any other things to get this working the way I want it to. Any pointers and tips are appreciated.