Help setting up a normal lighhting

Hello guys, I’m new to the lightning side of UE. I made a map from scratch with no lights or anything. Now, I need to have a plane where I’ll play a video and I need it to be seen with “normal light” as if it was a TV, I know this sounds too noob

As if I were just adding a video to a widget’s image

How could I do it? I need it urgently, thanks.

They way I have done it in the past was to take your media texture (that your video is playing through) and mask it out in three separate light functions - one for red, one for green and one for blue. Place three spotlights on top of each other in world-space, and assign one of each of the newly created light functions to them. Set their light color to 100% red, green and blue respectively. They should all add together in the scene to produce the original colors of your video.