[HELP] SAssetDropTarget not showing up in editor

I am trying to customize a Property using IPropertyTypeCustomization.

This property looks like this:

struct BMOVE_API FTaskSelection 

	UPROPERTY(EditInstanceOnly, BlueprintReadWrite)
	AActor *										Task;
	UPROPERTY(EditInstanceOnly, BlueprintReadWrite)
	TArray<FString>                                                                LocomotionSelections;

In my CustomizeHeader method, I’d like a SAssetDropTarget next to a TextComboBox. For the SAssetDropTarget I do something like:

		StructPropertyHandle->CreatePropertyNameWidget(LOCTEXT("Change", "Task"), LOCTEXT("IDK", "IDK"), false, true, false)
			.OnIsAssetAcceptableForDrop(this, &FTaskSelectionDataCustomization::IsAssetAccetableForDrop)

However, if I do this, nothing shows up in the editor! I get a SNullComponent inside the SAssetDropTarget. How do I set this up correctly???

Please Advise!

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hey @anonymous_user_7fcdb822 , Are you solute this program?
I encounter this program too, but I can not solute it.
If you have soluted it, please told me

kind regards,

All right, I have solute the problem, just it is too small And its color is Same as the Widget.
Thank you everyone.

kind regards