[Help Requested] Odd material rendering, bloom out of control. On Ubuntu.

Above is an image of my current Unreal Engine 4 project, Unreal engine built on Ubuntu 15.10.

Below is an image of the same project built on Windows 7.

Can anyone help me figure out what happened with my project, and why it’s rendering in such an odd way?

Hi, I dont know so much about unreal engine in Ubuntu, You tried to solve this with post process volume?, or what you whant is to know the origin of your problem in ubuntu?

Nope, it just has a lot of bloom by default for some reason, and yes, I’m trying to figure out what the origin of the error in Ubuntu is. the materials are identical in every way to the other ones used in Windows. They have just rendered way differently.

If the settings are the same in engine only thing I can think of is possible video driver issue or something really messing with the renderer in the Linux Distro.