HELP: Replicate movement along spline

Hi everyone,

I’ve been steady learning UE for the past two months now, and are getting along quite well with BP’s.
I’ve been tinkering with this for the last two weeks and finally got a working zipline setup using various tut’s, and while it is working flawless server side, I just can’t wrap my head around the logic getting it to work client side as well.
I’ve tried numerous setups including casting to the bp basecharacter, which although jitterish, worked until the moment the server started interacting with the zipline. At that point client will just insta tp to server location.
Looking into the content example and documentation didn’t clarify what i can do to get this working using my existing setup.
I’m happy to start over and build the zipline again, if i can get it to replicate using a more simple setup.
Screenshots attached. Timeline component is replicated. Movement is not replicated in the zipline BP as it is done in the character BP.
I’d really appreciate any help pointing me toward a solution.
Thank you in advance.