Help, please

What would be the best way to simulate rain to stop indoor and begin when your outside. I trying with begin overlap so emiter fires the particle effect above my character. How would i do this thanks.

There’s a few ways you can do this, if you’re just wanting to shut the emitter off you can run a continuous trace from the player head location upwards and if it returns a hit you can then turn the emitter off. This approach can lead to some overlap where the rain appears inside the house if you’re standing on the outside looking in, depending on how far reaching your emitter is. You can also use either scene depth or distance field collisions in your particle so that if the individual particles collide with objects they can cull themselves, but accuracy again depends on a few factors, for scene depth it is limited a bit by distance, and for distance fields it works best with uniformly scaled objects.

Best of luck to you!