Help Please:) Why are there 13/16 texture samplers on empty material?

Hoping someone can enlighten me about why a empty new material shows 13/16 texture samplers? Some of the materials Ive been building go way over 16, even when I set the texture source to shared warp.
Any reply with some feedback would be great.

I just turned off “allow static lighting” and that brought the texture samplers down. As a novice beginner Im really not sure what effect this has on rendering?
I guess i need to set all lights to stationary or movable?
We’re using unreal for "previs/post vis work.
Any tips would be helpful:)

“Allow Static Lighting” includes shader permutations and gives materials the ability to sample the precomputed 2D and volumetric lightmaps, which is where a good chunk of texture samplers go even in empty materials. It’s a good idea to uncheck this if you’re using 100% dynamic lighting, since it does reduce overhead and gives you back a few options in a dynamic lighting scenario. But if you’re doing arch viz and want the highest quality for the performance, static lighting is what you want.

Forward renderer?

I’ve just done some testing, and if you actually have static lighting turned off in the project settings, this flag makes no difference to the material.

Thanks for the tips! :slight_smile:

Thanks heaps. Super helpful.