Help please Uggg

I just paid for gametextures and got loads of RBR 512 textures BUT to my surprise each comes with 9!!! Map types!!! Diffuse map, Specular map, Gloss map, Normal Maps, Normal Map with y+ , Transparency Map, Height Map, Emissive Map, Reflection Mask!!! How do I put this together??? :frowning: I only know how to use normal and diffuse :frowning:

I have solved and learned my Noob mistakes! Thanks all you who helped me!!

hope this helps

You can use the height map for tessellation and parallax shading:

and the gloss for roughness:

Hey :slight_smile: Thank you bro…My tessellation and parallax and few others are dark grayed out OR disabled How do you open those up?

Oh LOL I got Parallax aka bump map fixed,

Well I tryed to do what you have on videos but there blinking and has my box all warped and twisted :confused: i still have a masking map and few others

am i only suppose to pick one style and not use all 9?

You can use as many of them as you desire.

The Alb(eido) map can be used instead of your diffuse, it’s almost the same thing, it just doesn’t include fake shadows and highlights as those should be generated with the help of the light in the game together with the material/shader instead.

Masks are used to mask out various parts of a shader and it’s up to you if you need them, you probably don’t.

Gloss is plugged into the roughness and controls how micro-surface affects your light, causing a rough or shiny finish.

And like mentioned, height is usually used for tessellation.

The two normals are just a regular version and one that have it’s green (Y) channel flipped since it’s required by some engines and softwares.

Also i wouldn’t suggest messing with tessellation if you don’t know what you are doing. It can get pretty expensive if you start to use it everywhere.

Thanks guys :slight_smile: Im really thankful!