Help Please- UE4 Sequencer not Rendering Cinematic Sequence Properly

Hi. I’m new with Unreal Engine 4 though I do know a bit after some self education from YouTube and this website. So far, I’ve built a couple of levels, and wanted to get into some Cinematic sequencing as I saw the sequencer tools and wanted to use them. After watching some more tutorials, I managed to make a pretty good (If I do say so myself) sequence with audio. Unfortunately, it won’t render properly. When I press the render to movie button it seems to work (as seen through the previewer) but after a couple seconds it just goes to the default level view and records that forever and ever… When I playback the video it is either 2 seconds or 5 minutes of staring at the level. This only happens in 1080 * 2160 resolution (16:9). Still, in 720 *1080 it is very bad graphics, no audio, and it only works sometimes. Often what happens is what I described above for 2k. Not sure what I did wrong. When I play the video in the editor it runs smoothly without a hitch with audio. I just can’t get it to come into a file. Please advise.

Computer Specs: 12GB RAM, i7 6th gen intel processor, Nividia GEFORCE 940M graphics card.

Your setup seems fine. The issue you’re describing is usually because of a missing camera cut track that determines which camera to look through, but I see that you have that in your screenshot. Can you attach the movie recorder settings?

Also, I think you’re expecting audio to be exported eventually. That feature doesn’t exist at the moment but it’s something we’ll look into in the future.

Thnx for the reply. For the moment I’ve set this project aside and am working on a different one. If I ever get back to it I might repost. Thanks again and sorry for the late reply :slight_smile: