Help please! How can I isolate materials so that they are not affected by my post-processing materials?

Hello! My name is Victor and I am currently close to finish one of the last projects of the master I am studying. The thing is that I would like to isolate the foliage and leaves materials from the outline belonging to the postprocessing material, because, as you can see, the black color messes up the vibrant colors, the saturation and the colorfulness of the scene. I would like to keep the outline shader on the rest of the objects, but I don’t know what to do to apply it on some and isolate others. Please, could someone help me? Thank you so much in advance!

The closest way to achieving that goal is the Custom Stencil. That is a buffer set apart for custom uses, with one byte of data per pixel. You have to enable it in project settings, but you should definitely research it yourself. As far as I know, writes to the custom stencil are limited to one per mesh, so I think you would need to have the tree be a separate mesh from the leaves. That picture looks great, though :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh, it is much appreciated! The truth is that I have no idea on how to do it hahahahaha, but I will have to look for information about this because I consider it very important to achieve better results. If at some point you find something, don’t hesitate to let me know! :slight_smile: