Help picking up objects - shatter when thrown

I am looking to create a dynamic VR scene where I can pickup and throw glasses and plates etc and have them shatter. Any good tutorials or demo scenes out there?

i need some guidance for how to pick up object and how to make it shatter when thrown or hit with another object

I have the destructible mesh set on the mug- however i can not pick the object up- I can only break it when i slam the controller through it- please advise.

thank you

There are a couple of templates on here for the vive with a lot of tutorials on how to pick up objects so I suggest you give them a look

yes- done a lot of those.

I am able to pick up an object.
I am able to shatter a destructible mesh with the vive controller
i am not able to pick up the destructible mesh

This seems to be the right track.

still cannot get it to work properly. anybody done anything like this?

I meet the this too.I can’t pickup the destructible mesh.