HELP! Over 400 errors in VS after updating

Hi all,

I hope someone can help me with this problem please. I use UE 4.16 and VS Community 2017 version 4.7.02053.

In short I got this flag message in Visual Studio with the notice to update Visual Studio.
After the update I could not compile my build through UE, and next to that I got over 400 errors in the scripts (in VS).
After googling answers I “cleaned” and rebuild the VS code and it helped as I could compile the code through Unreal Engine but the errors persist.

The errors remain in the code. They all seem like no real errors (the code was perfect before) but I believe it just does not reconize the UE standard coding anymore.
The errors only seem to persist in the Header cpp files.

Samples of .h files are:
function.h, corecrt_math.h, stdio.h, wchar.h, UnrealString.h, corecrt_wstdlib.h etc etc…

Sample Error descriptions are: “missing ;”, “expected a ;”, “this declaration has no storage class or type specifier”, "Cannot open source file “initializer_list” … and many more.

In Sourcetree it tells me the following files are removed:
"Solution.VC.db-shm" & "Solution.VC.db-wal"

I do have these files in my folder:
".Browse.VC" (371MB) & “.Solution.VC” (13MB)

Does someone know what I can do to fix the many errors relating the UE coding standards?

This problem is solved. I simply (backuped the project first) and then regenerated the Uproject files. After that rebuild in VS and all errors are gone. Also good to note that the “error list” screen is bullcrap and should not be taken serious as it is confused when using UE coding standards. If the output log is not showing any errors there is nothing wrong. Hope this helps someone with similar problems.