HELP: OSVR HDK2 Set up with Unreal 4.12 +

Hey Everyone,

I’m having some trouble installing the OSVR. I eventually found RTCP Mod Life’s videos which helped a bit.

The vr test file with the camp fire works. The problem is when I try to use Unreal. I do have the OSVR plug in enabled and I installed the following two files :
Runtime Installer:


In Unreal I can go into VR mode and I see the double rendered screen on my monitor but the OSVR headset is just black
as if it’s turned off. Also for some reason it’s linking to Steam VR? Is there any way to not have it do that? Especially when I’m just working Unreal.

It gives the following error when I try load my Unreal projects:


Also now my computer just constantly gives a “cannot connect to VR server error”

Anyone else have these problems?

Im Also having those problems

I’m also getting this problem. I can put my OSVR into extended mode and see my desktop. If I play my UE4 game in extended mode, I get no change in video output and still only see my windows desktop. If I switch to Direct Mode, my OSVR display goes dark. When I launch my UE4 game in direct mode, my OSVR display doesn’t show anything, but UE4 still renders the mirror mode preview.

This is my first time setting up OSVR, so I probably messed something up. Has anyone else gotten OSVR to work with UE4?