help on emissive map please!!!

hello unreal engine community I got a question regarding emissive map
I downloaded a model online it is zipped with texture maps. the online example pictures shows that this model does lit. (it is a exit sign, the exit should lit)
the maps it comes with are base color, normal, occlusionRoughnessMetalic,

I think I figured it out how to hook these three
but it does not lit like the example pics

can anyone help me on this? I don’t think it is missing a texture map, it is probably just me don’t know how to do it…

I think you are missing a map. Make sure it’s not packed in any texture.
This is what it should look like (don’t use this, this is just from the base color you posted):

Depends on how it was setup by the artist, normally, I pack my emissive channel into the alpha of the packed image.
You then would have to drag out from alpha (or whichever channel has the emissive map) and multiply it by a scalar to get it to “glow”.
This is the one case where you do want an output greater than the usual 0 to 1 range.

One thing’s for sure.
An Exit sign is made out of plastic, not metal. I don’t think any of the texture output should go into metallic.

Seeing the R/G/B I think - R is roughness, G is specular, B could be metalness - again, it should just be a flat 0 throughout but the values seem low enough that it could belong.

my advice would be to make and texture your own model in blender / quixel mixer. takes about 20min to make an exit sign with a proper UV unwrap - the main problem I see here is the UV.