Help! noisy renders

Please i have a rendering problem here. My renders come out very noisy.
I have my temporal count to :64 and my spatial to:3.
I also have the following console variables:

  • r.AmbientOcclusion.Denoiser.TemporalAccumulation 0
  • r.GlobalIllumination.Denoiser.TemporalAccumulation 0
  • r.Reflections.Denoiser.TemporalAccumulation 0
  • r.Shadow.Denoiser.TemporalAccumulation 0
  • r.AmbientOcclusion.Denoiser 0
  • r.DiffuseIndirect.Denoiser 0
  • r.Ray tracing.SkyLight.Denoiser 0
  • r.Reflections.Denoiser 0
  • r.Shadow.Denoiser 0
    I have attached a sample of the render.
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    Thank you

If you’ve set those all to 0 then those are all turned off or set to their lowest setting

Alright, I would try with different values to see if that fixes the issue.
Thank you

If you turn off all denoisers, then your temporal and spatial samples probably needs to be much higher to get your clean results.
While it is said by professionals, that for really high quality images to turn off all those denoisers, it needs to be countered by really high sample counts. And if it´s still noisy, then you need moar ^.^

Thank you for your reply, I did turn off the denoisers and increase my sample count and its not noisy anymore.