Help needed to achieve the material i want


First time poster here, nice to meet you all. I’m not too familiar creating materials or shaders so i hope someone could help me out here :).
I’m working on a game project and i want to achieve a certain artstyle. I want to create a material where i have control of the color of the light and shadow side of objects. The cast shadows should remain just a darker version of the color it is cast on.

I tried using a fresnel plugged into the alpha of a lerp and have A and B be represented by 2 different colors which is the simplest form of roughly what i want but fresnel keeps the faces which are pointed towards the camera 1 color and the faces facing the other direction another color. So when i’m rotating arround an object the colors change accordingly. Also i doubt it can be achieved with post processing since i want control over multiple object individually. I feel like i have to do something with LightVector but i don’t see how since i want to keep base colors.

Any help or pointing in the right direction is much apreciated!

TLDR: What i’m looking for is a way to have control of the colors of the light and shadow side of individual objects.

Kind regards