Help Needed: Reference Particle Mesh Material in Blueprint


I would like to apply a lerp between two colors in my Particle System (Mesh Data) after a specific trigger at runtime, or worst case scenario, to apply a new material to my mesh particle system at runtime through Blueprint

It is quite an easy task to reference the material in a classic CPU emitter in BP, but when it come to a mesh particle system it seems that I have no way to access the material on the mesh, from the Mesh Data or the Mesh Material module that doesn’t seem convertible to a parameter.

Any suggestions?

Thank you

In case somebody has the same problem: Just enable “Override Material” in the Mesh Data module.

Do you kown how to change material’s param at runtime?
I had enable “Override Material”
I use “CreateDynamicMaterialInstance” and “SetMaterial”,but it didn’t work…