(Help needed) Multi mirror scene, how to improve mirror quality?

I have a scene I’m trying to prep for a fly-through sort of render, and it is quite mirror heavy, as in the ceiling is made of mirror tiles and there’s multiple mirrors on the wall of both side of the room. Now I’ve massively improved the quality I had by reducing the box transition distance to I believe 1 or even 0, it at least solved my issue of mirrors being reflected black. Now I know perfect infinite mirrors are out of the question, but how does one make the mirror reflections look less…chopped up I suppose? Depending from where I stand in the scene the mirrors will display a sort of non uniform spliced image of two different angles if that makes sense? Also depending if I’m perfectly positioned or rather, not, the ceiling mirrors will sort of have a vignette type of blur in the reflections - if I have a choice I’d rather not have all these problems in the final render!

My mirror is the bare bones basic roughness/metallic setup if I recall correctly, and I have one reflection capture actor in the scene, positioned just below the centre of the ceiling. Is there any other way to improve the reflection quality or am I stuck with what I have?

Honestly, using RTX reflections is the only good solution for a mirror heavily scene like that.

You could probably get away with using a planar reflection for the ceiling and separate box reflections for the side mirrors.

Planar reflections can also do mirrors

Thank you for the responses guys, much appreciated! I first looked into rtx reflections but it seems that method is limited to certain graphics cards? That aside I did try out planar reflections and they seem to do the trick (I did use them for all the mirrors in the end not just the ceiling)! They’re not perfect perfect but they’ll definitely do. To my delight they also work with non-rectangular shapes, just tick off ‘show preview plane’ and I believe you’re good to go. They don’t show up in the play preview, so hopefully they won’t show up in the camera sequences either but I’ve yet to test it.

I have listed some improvements for planar reflections here. Improvements for Planar reflections. - Unreal Engine Forums