[Help Needed] issue with "washed out" character face

Hey all, I’m a filmmaker dabbling in Unreal, and I’m not strong on the tools specific to an engine like this.

I brought a character into a level - Belica from Paragon. When her face is lit with soft ambient light, there are no details - no eyebrows, lip color, her eyes are milky. If I light her with super strong close-up lighting (over-exposed) those details come out. And if I light her with good proper exposure (in the middle of the aforementioned scenarios) then her facial details are faint, and more visible on whichever side of her face more lighting is hitting. To be clear, I’m not talking about her features being lost or muddled in shadows…it’s more like they are a reflective tape material that only show up with bright direct light.

This is not the case for her armor, which keeps its detail no matter the lighting. What do I need to change to keep Belica’s face on, even with soft lighting? It’s both her face and eyes, which are separate materials.

belica shot 3.PNG.jpg

it’s made for dynamic light, so maybe the settings on the mesh are the issue?
there are a lot of check-boxes to toggle for the proper lighting of a skeletal mesh.
Could also be that it’s using a bad version of the skin material. Not eager to add 2gb to a project to check it.
If you can, share a pic of the skin material.
mostly it’s settings.
Default Lit vs Precomputed Skin

It could just be you need to re-do the material for the light type you are using too, but perhaps there’s a parameter you can already toggle within the instance, so do check it.