Help needed from CV1 Owners - quick test on a demo

I made a simple room-scale VR game and updated it to SDK 1.3. It’s basically dodgeball + whack-a-mole in VR (with effects and stuff).

While it works and looks fine in the DK2, I have yet to try it on a CV1.

Can anyone with one download it and let me know if the following are fine? It shouldn’t take more than 5 mins in game.

  1. Visuals looking alright
  2. Movements working fine (step or hop to the side/front/back to dodge)

Download link is as below and details if required can be found there as well:

Thanks in advance for the help!

Got feedback that it doesn’t launch on CV1.
Anyone with similar issues?

I could not open the game with my Cv1. It opens the Oculus Home menu if i put on the headset. Or if i don’t the demo will crash as if nothing ever started.