HELP : Modifying Materials of Unreal Marketplace models to Add Vertex Painting & other options

I’m trying to customize some Marketplace item materials by adding vertex painting.

Set Up A this the result I get:

Seems fine right? That is until I connect the Vertex Color node to the Base Color.

When I connect Vertex Color to the Base Color that I get this problem.

I thought maybe its the AO, Roughness & Metallic colors being set up differently between the two textures but when I connect actual the AO, Roughness & Metallic with the Vertex Color the end result seems fine.

I’ve tried a number of different things.

I feel like I’m missing something really simple here.

Any ideas?

Share screenshots please.

How are you “connecting” the vertex paint to the base color for instance?

The vertex paint can be used as pretty much anything. From adding a color overly/multiply to generating a mask to be used.

To use as a mask you have to choose a single channel, either normalize or clamp so it’s in a 0 to 1 range, and feed that into a lerp in which you have A as the original textures, B as the new vertex painted texture and the vertex paint output as the Alpha.

At that point painting that one channel into vertex paint will cause the texture to swap (rather inelegant mind you, as there’s only whatever falloff vertex paint adds).

I think that’s what you want as it is the most common.


I know how to set up Vertex Color. I haven’t had any problems when using textures from scratch.

I have not tried using a clamp yet though.

For all I know you could be multiplying the vertex color into the base color. Your post wasn’t exactly clear… if you could share images of your setup the next passerby may have a better idea.

Clamping the vertex color may have no effect. It depends on how you painted the vertex color. Usually better to clamp to keep it in a safe range, but also possibly pointless unless you are performing other operations to the channel that may throw it out of range (which is common actually since most tutorials have you multiply or use a power to increase the falloff).

I see the pics now. Let me check em.

Ok yea.
Either you don’t know how to use vertex paint as a mask…
or you just used the wrong connection.
You need a single channel. Not a float 3 as the alpha.

Kind of surprised the engine isn’t throwing errors your way actually.


So I don’t use the Vertex Color node? I plan to use Vertex Painting to manually blend between the two.


Ok got it! I found what I did wrong :slight_smile:

Now it’s working perfect!

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